What is the reason why you fell in love with a fragrance? Is it because it’s the scent of someone you like?

What is the reason why you fell in love with a fragrance? Is it because it’s the scent of someone you like?

“Fell in love with this fragrance because of this person”

“Fell in love with this person because of this fragrance”

With these 2 sayings, which statement is correct?

There is no way to judge! 

It’s the same as “Which came first? Chicken or Egg?”.

This question is hard to answer up till date. 🤣

What we’re sure is that both are related!
Fragrance leads to attraction! 

We are going to share with you some ‘NG’ smells that immediately extinguish the spark of love...LOL!

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The smell on clothes


This applies to all sorts of odor we can think of, such as sweat, food, smoke, etc. After exercising on a humid day, it is normal to sweat like crazy everyday, so preventive measure has to be done! Woah...what about going for a BBQ session? The strong smell will linger on your clothes after you enjoy a sumptuous meal. It is not pleasant to leave nasty smell on your body or clothes, ruining the impression others have on you.

If all these happen on the guy of your dreams, I believe it is the same right? You will find it a total turn-off.


We recommend this: A Normal Perfume / Normal Perfume (Zero)


With so many perfumes in the market, why do you have to pick this up? 

This product will not get rid of unpleasant smell by ‘covering’ over it. The mixture of both smells will make everything disgusting. First, remove the unpleasant smell and replace it with a refreshing fragrance. 

99.9% Antibacterial and 99.6% Odor Elimination without any harmful ingredients that will trigger allergies, causing skin problems!


5 selections for you to choose from ❤️



Pink White Musk - The combination of Lily, YlangYlang, Jasmine, Rose, Iris and other kinds of flowers for a fresh and feminine scent. 

Beige Laundry - The clean and refreshing aroma from the combination of apple and lime for a scent of beauty and purity.

Green Healing Garden - Feel the aroma of a garden in the field of fresh herbs and flowers.

Black Blank (for Men) - Upgraded version of ‘Beige Laundry’ with fragrance concentration increased by 33.3%!

Normal Perfume (ZERO) - Fragrance free, suitable to use in an environment with children or pets.


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🔻 Normal Perfume (Zero) 🔻


The smell or hair and scalp


Yes...maybe you have lots of excuses for not washing your hair everyday, but if others smell it...it is going to be extremely embarrassing! ⚡️

Is your boyfriend coming over? No time to wash your hair? How?!?!


We recommend this: A Normal Hair Perfume


It's time to let your hair down!

Use it on your hair to reverse damage, leaving it with a soft and silky touch. 

3 different fragrances


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 The smell of bad breath


So what if you are pretty? (if you have bad breath) After you open your mouth, it is the end!!! 

There are many reasons for bad breath, it is often related to not brushing your teeth properly, staying up late, stress, etc.


Is there any way to improve this situation? 


Brush your teeth twice daily and sleep earlier! Don’t forget to take more vitamins and consume more vegetables! For a quick fix, bring along some mints and pop them right in before you meet up with others! Freshen up yourself at the same time!


The smell of feet


Think about it...what happen when the guy or girl of your dreams...remove the shoes and out comes the smell of a salted fish?! Horrendous! In fact, the problem probably lies on the pair of shoes.


Is there any way to improve this situation? 


Remove the shoes and air your feet at times. In addition, shoes should also be well taken care of to prevent growth of bacteria and mold, which may be the cause of nasty odor. 


We recommend this: FLEXIN Shoe Spray


It helps to get rid of existing bacteria inside the shoes, which is the root cause of smelly feet!


Comes with powerful antibacterial ability! This product is also suitable for use on socks or places such as the shoe cabinet, wardrobe, etc. Which are prone to bacterial growth. 


Friendship Test...if your friend has smelly feet...help him or her! 😆


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Musty smell in the room


Inviting the opposite sex to your house? This is a very exciting moment, but it 💥destroys the perfect moment as you open up the door...why? A musty and humid smell! This may be due to trash, toilet, refrigerator, etc. This leaves a bad impression, your guest may think, “This person has bad habits and hygiene problems”.

Is there any way to improve this situation? 

First, always allow proper air ventilation in the room. Keeping moisture away is also important, if not it will result in growth of mildew that comes with a disgusting smell. Do not leave food in the room, it attracts pests like cockroaches or little bugs.  🤮

We recommend this: A Normal Homecare Spray


Stop using air freshening sprays with synthetic fragrances! This product comes in 2 selections, ZERO (Lavender Scent) or LAUNDRY (Softener Scent). Girls will love these fragrances! These are some areas that you can use it on; house cleaning items (e.g. mops, rags, etc), gaps that are not within reach...curtains, bathrooms, vehicles, etc. 

Use Homecare Spray to eliminate remaining dust particles and it’s time to ensure clean and safe air quality at home! 😎

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