Want to confess? Crazily in love? Top picks as the perfect gift for this upcoming Valentine’s Day!

Want to confess? Crazily in love? Top picks as the perfect gift for this upcoming Valentine’s Day!

👩‍❤️‍👨Valentine’s Day is here again~~~ Are you cracking your head again on what present to buy? 

Don’t worry! We’ve compiled this list of ideal gifts for ‘lazy people’ like you...hehe! They are practical, yet affordable! Read on to find out more! 



Still getting regular perfumes? Nah...it’s too common...this is it! 

Paper Sachet is a perfume in ‘solid’ form. Definitely a more convenient way to add a nice fragrance, plus...this lasts longer than regular liquid perfumes! There are 8 pieces in a pack, you can place them at various places (e.g. bags, pockets, shoe cabinets, pillow covers, etc.). Apart from the attractive fragrances, they have dehumidifying and deodorizing effects as well! This product is now available in 3 different fragrances! ⭐

YlangYlang Champagne - [A Scent of Romance] Infused with the fragrance of ‘Pheromone Oil’, be more attractive than yesterday! 

Citrus Shower - [A Scent of Refreshing Air] Perfect for freshening up musty smell! 

Midnight Garden - [A Scent for Well-Being] Infused with ‘Lavender Oil’ for its calming properties!

The packaging of Paper Sachet is just like a card, which is simple, yet hidden with a unique feature inside. We are sure those who receive this item as a gift will be overjoyed! 


One problem that many girls face will be the smell of oily scalp! In Singapore, the weather is always humid and warm, we tend to sweat easily throughout the day, even though we wash our hair daily, sometimes a weird odor on the scalp is unavoidable. This little spray helps to solve this! 

Unlike ordinary perfumes, the smell gets weird if we mix unpleasant odor with the fragrances. First, this hair perfume removes the odor of the scalp and replaces it with a nice fragrance...best of all? This product can be used as part of Hair Care! 

The formula is created to separate oil and water. The oil in the upper layer has the effect of nourishing the hair, while the water in the lower layer helps to refresh the hair with odor elimination result. 

In addition, simply shake and spray this Hair Perfume on your wrist like a regular perfume. It contains oil and will last longer than other perfumes! Think about it, the next time you guys go on a date and you smell this fragrance (the gift you gave her)...how do you feel? Hehe! 3 different fragrances available! 

French Pink - The smell of French Rose 

Hawaiian Blue - Relaxing bubble bath fragrance 

Neroli Yellow - Refreshing citrus scent 



Girls, you all know the smell of cigarettes or sweat on guys right…?

This product is specially designed for Men! Formulated with top-grade ingredients, similar to those used in luxury brands. The main ingredients include ‘Tromethamine’, ‘Citric Acid’, ‘Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract’ to help reduce unpleasant odor and stickiness on the body. With a higher concentration, the fragrance lasts for 5 hours or more…! Pick one up now! 

FEEL FRESH -Crisp and fresh green apple fragrance 

SURF BOYS - Refreshing ocean breeze for the masculine image

STAY COOL - A sexy burst of gin tonic and lemon bomb 

SUNRISE - Sweet scent of a grapefruit cocktail



BLACK MONSTER, a Men’s makeup and skin care brand that is available in major drugstores in Korea has this popular product - BLACK BALM. It is a double-sided lip balm and is definitely one of the top picks!

Guys do not usually put in as much effort as girls, which is why they often have dry and pale-looking lips! This makes them look unattractive and ‘sick’. However, with this product, moisturize the lips on one end and use the other side to add a natural shade of red! 

Look...a pair of moisturized lips is definitely more attractive and ‘kissable’...😙😙😙



Other than common romantic gifts, why not show her that you do care…?

Guys may not understand that girls face many problems with their private areas. Poor immunity, menstruation, sexual behavior can easily cause odor or vaginitis.

Many girls do not really know how to take care and maintain proper hygiene, yet they are embarrassed to visit the Gynae. This Feminine Y Perfume can be sprayed directly on the panties, or directly on the intimate area, to maintain cleanliness all the time! 

3 fragrances available

Wild Bouquet - Luxurious floral aroma of YlangYlang and Damascus Rose

Sunset Orange - A hint of warm orange scent 

Cream Flower - A cozy blend of soothing rose water and fresh orange flowers



Difficult to choose a gift for your boyfriend? Time to give something useful! 

UNCOATED247 is a well-known underwear brand in Korea. The main focus is on both comfort and style. This collection is really popular among youngsters, but what’s so great about this? 

Comes in 2 different types; 


SlimFit-Trunk (4 colors) 

Boxer Briefs-Low Rise (7 colors)

Manufactured with fiber made of natural materials which make the fabric soft and more durable. Great elasticity that offers comfort and allows freedom of movement. 

Change the way you think about boxers. 

UNCOATED 247 provides both comfort and style for everyday life. 

Enjoy your date on Valentine’s Day! 😉😉😉

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