The Scent of Love | A look at how body scents influence attraction

The Scent of Love | A look at how body scents influence attraction

Why do some people smell better to you?

While a person may be attracted to another person's scent because they smell familiar or smell good, they may also find themselves attracted to a scent for reasons they are unable to identify💕

The scent is fascinating, and these 3 type fragrance usually catch people attention quickly ▼


Ⅰ. Fragrance hand cream & body lotion / The trending of solid perfume

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Not consider a very strong fragrance, but light and soft fragrance that emanates from the body~

After taking a shower, apply fragranced body lotion while moisture for the skin. Through massage and body temperature, the fragrance can be more lasting ~

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Recently, girls are in love with solid perfumes. Compared to other perfumes , solid perfume increase the fragrance rate more.

The fragrance stays on the skin along with the body temperature, which makes it more lasting than liquid perfume.

Plus, Solid perfume always comes in a convenient size that can be placed in any cosmetics pouches, handbags, or even pockets...

Apply a little balm to your fingertips.

Apply to the inner wrist and behind the ears.


Ⅱ. Indoor fragrance, the scented candle that makes the whole space exude a light and lovely fragrance

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Put some diffuser bottles or scented candle at home to let the fragrance surround you all the time~

Your space is full of lovely and so do your stuff too. The scaft you carrying around, the jacket you wear every day, the hats of yours.. is now full of soft scents.

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Or you can put a paper sachet in your bag or wallet!🤏

Paper sachet could provide a lasting scent when the moment you take out your wallets or your jacket that has been keeping in the bag for a while



Ⅲ. Perfume for hair, fresh hair scent when the wind blows!

When walking side by side with the person you like, the fragrance that faintly emits from the hair is a big plus! ( we all know most of the guys love to smell their girlfriend's hair * the fresh smell from hair is love ♡

And because of the height difference between boys and girls, it makes them easier to smell your hair especially walking very close to you.

Keep this in mind🤙!

Have you heard of perfume for hair?

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Korean girls are so fancy about hair perfume lately.
especially the weather nowadays is polluted, and staying inside an aircon environment makes our hair even dry!
and we all have the days of ( i don't want to wash my hair today...)

Hair perfume changes the oily hair with its fresh scents and specially formulated ingredients to leave the hair soft and silky touch.

ANORMAL Hair Perfume

3 unique fragrances

Wet Garden

Light, soft floral fragrance

Just like visiting the lovely Provins Rose Garden in France

Surrounding with a sweet and romantic feeling

Lime Basil & Mandarin

Refreshing orange blossom

Fresh orange blossom and fresh lime

An Enchanting orange blossom scent


Bubble Bath

Just like a bubble bath that takes you away to Hawaii Island with a breeze!

Refreshing, smooth and charming Hawaiian scent

ANormal Hair Perfume Essential Oil🌿

Contains argan oil and camellia oil, etc.

Natural ingredients

Provide luster and nutrition to dry hair

Perfume + deodorant ingredients

It is effective in getting rid of unpleasant smells from the scalp or hair! 

Nutrients from natural oil with rich vitamin ingredients

keep your hair looking smooth and soft ღ 


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