The ‘Private Area’ with a smell that embarrass you. Let me tell you 5 key points to take proper care and stay odorless!

The ‘Private Area’ with a smell that embarrass you. Let me tell you 5 key points to take proper care and stay odorless!

Many women face this common problem...😳

Are you also under pressure from the smell of your intimate area?

Let me tell you 5 key points that you should pay attention to when taking care of it!!! 

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1) During menstruation period, you must change your sanitary pad/tampon often 

According to a statistical survey, Singaporean women change their sanitary pads once every 6 hours during their menstruation period?!

But think about it ... how often do you really change it? Experts suggest that it should be changed once every 1.5 hours ~

Try to change the sanitary pads/tampons every time you go to the bathroom!! Many sanitary pads in the market that are advertised as "large absorption" now mislead women to use them for a long time!! Don’t do it ~~~~~ It’s easy to become a breeding ground for bacterial growth if you don’t change for a long time!😭

2) Don't wear tight pants too often

In the hot weather (like Singapore), girls want to show off their body curves and picked pants which are tighter than usual~

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It’s understandable...but remember not to wear it too often! You have to understand that the private area is always in a stuffy and humid environment. There is a great chance of infection and inflammation. 

Just wear it when you need to😳 It is better to choose regular cotton fabric that is more breathable. Why? Like thongs, there is a great chance that the E. coli will be transmitted from the anus to the vagina, which will greatly increase the risk of bacterial infection.

3) Use a feminine care spray to manage the "unpleasant" smell

Girls who are reading this article should be troubled by the occasional ‘unpleasant smell’? Especially in summer, it’s more serious due to sweat and stuffiness. If you are not careful, it may cause Vaginitis. : ( 


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Recommendation: Normal Feminine Y Perfume

It can help to keep the underwear fresh, just spray it!

If you’re on your period, spraying it on the sanitary pad/tampon is fine too!

This product helps to reduce unpleasant odor and kills bacteria. Do not use ‘regular perfumes’ to spray on your sensitive area, because normal perfumes contain alcohol and other chemicals, spraying directly will result in allergies or infections! 

A Normal Feminine Y Perfume does not have this problem! With natural ingredients extracted from plants, they are safe for the skin! ❤️

3 scents to choose from::

Wild Bouquet: Floral fragrance of Ylang Ylang and Damascus Rose

Sunset Orange: Warmth of the golden sky at dusk, with a hint of Orange scent

Cream Flower: Blend of soothing Rose water and fresh Orange flowers

In addition, the product design is based on your convenience and safety. It is futile even if the ingredients used are good, but the container is unclean. To maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of A Normal Feminine Y Perfume, the bottled container is carefully selected. 

The size is suitable to be placed in most cosmetic or sanitary pad pouches! Convenient for you to bring it anywhere! Whenever you think it is necessary, spray it lightly! It’s highly recommended to spray it when going to public places, such as swimming pools!

Get rid of unpleasant smell now! 🙂


4) Drink more water and healthy food 

Take at least 1500-2000ml of water a day. Drinking more water can metabolize toxins in the body. When there is not enough water in the body, it may cause more secretions in the private area and the smell will be stronger. 😢 Consume yogurt, sugar-free yogurt and supplements which contain probiotics~ In general, take ‘real’ and healthy natural food that are beneficial to your health. Cut down on spicy, fried or sugary food! 

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It is recommended that girls who are afraid of such odor, replace red meat with white meat such as chicken and fish instead of pork, beef or lamb.

5) Change the wiping method

How do you wipe your intimate area with toilet paper after going to the toilet? Front to back? Or back to front?

The correct way is to wipe it from front to back to avoid bacteria being brought into the private area. It’s hard to get used to it at first, but it will be OK after several times! If you use the wrong method, change it! After bathing, be sure to dry the private area well! 

"Never be stinky again!"

Take note of the above 5 points and transform into a sweet girl ❤️ 


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