Staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time and experiencing dizziness and discomfort? | A Normal Singapore

Staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time and experiencing dizziness and discomfort? | A Normal Singapore

The weather is getting hotter and hotter and it’s time to turn on the air con for longer hours! 🌬

However, are you at ease staying in the air-conditioned room for the whole day? What about the indoor air quality…? 💔

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With the cold air blowing directly on the head, it will lead to dizziness. You may think that it has something to do with the body reaction about the low temperature, but have you ever thought about this……? 🤧

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Another reason might be the [Air] that you didn’t pay attention to…!

Unpleasant odor in the room may also cause #stress, #headache, #giddiness, do not forget to take good care of your indoor personal spaces!

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「Compared to outdoor pollutants, indoor pollutants are about 1,000 times more likely to enter the lungs. 」

Failure to properly ventilate or clean the air condition filter regularly may cause adverse effects on the lungs.

Speaking of which, do you think it’s time to start taking care of your house? 

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We recommend: ANORMAL Homecare Spray

ღ Where can we use it? 

Apart from eliminating unpleasant odor, it can also be sprayed on fabrics such as the bed, sofa, curtain or even clothes! It can also be used on the air conditioner filter that you may not clean regularly. helps to get rid of pet odor too! Simply use it on their potty area, toys or beds! In short, this can be used anywhere if you smell something bad...try it! 

ღ Is there any other effects apart from odor elimination?

ANormal Homecare Spray is able to get rid of 99.6% bad odor, this is possible by removing the root cause of odor which is Ammonia and it has a 99.9% Antibacterial effect! 

This product does not contain insecticidal ingredients, but natural Oregano Oil. The Carvacrol is able to keep mites away and if you have sensitive skin, you can spray it on bed sheets and quilts that you don’t wash frequently. In addition, the <Lavender> option consists of only plant extracts and essential oils to improve stress and relieve insomnia! 

ღ What are the ingredients? 

The main ingredient is Oregano which is commonly used as a spice in cooking. It is safe and harmless to the human body. Along with Rosemary and Lavender, they are 100% Natural. Please use this product with peace of mind! 

ღ Which option should I choose? 

If you can accept a refreshing fragrance; pick this warm and gentle laundry scent - #LAUNDRY 

If you prefer a light fragrance, pick the soothing Lavender scent, #ZERO

✨Indoor air management is very important! Put a bottle of #HomecareSpray at home now! Not only can it purify the air, the bottle design comes in a simple and minimalist style with a spray head that distributes the product evenly as you use it. 😍

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