“Sorry, I can’t accept the smell of your scalp…” This rejection excuse is so harsh! Here, 5 ways to cover up the secret of not washing your hair!

“Sorry, I can’t accept the smell of your scalp…” This rejection excuse is so harsh! Here, 5 ways to cover up the secret of not washing your hair!

As he held me in his arms, I leaned shyly on his chest and he gave a gentle peck on my head (>///<)

But...it ended up different from what I think…?!!!

“Urgh, what smell is that?” That’s what he said……

This totally destroys your dream! 

Fantasizing about this kind of scene like a drama…?

If you have oily hair/scalp...don’t even think about it!!!

First, let me ask...how often do you wash your hair?

Everyday, once every 2 days or twice a week…..? 😱 

Reasons for not washing hair...which applies to you? 

  1. Feel that hair is not dirty, no need to wash every day.
  2. Just spent money on hair dye,if it washes off the color then it’s a waste of money.
  3. Don’t want to waste your life on blow drying the hair.
  4. Believes in rumors that shampooing often may damage your hair.
  5. Another belief that sebum on the scalp acts as a natural hair care.

No matter what excuse it is...ok I accept it!!!

But first, you must really not wash your hair~~~ 😂😂😂

What should you do?

Secret 01: Tie the ALL BACK ponytail or bun

I believe this is something common among girls, when you see your friend tying up her hair, is this what you think, “Haha...this person didn’t wash hair right?!”...LOL! I didn’t say all girls, please don’t misunderstand me...but this is indeed something that some girls will do if they don’t wash their hair! In fact, some girls may have hair problems, such as empty spots!! Nobody likes to hear this, “Are you balding…?” ☹️

Recommend this to you: Black Puff

This product is really easy to use, just tie up your hair, gently dab it on areas that you think are ‘empty’! The amazing part is that this is Waterproof~ No worries when you sweat…! It is best used with the Hair Fixer for the powder to stay on longer! 

Look, isn’t it a confidence booster as well?! 

With this Black Puff, you can create various hairstyles! 

It comes in 2 shades - Black or Brown. 

Take a look at the Waterproof test!

<Black Monster Black Puff>

<Black Monster Hair Fixer>


Secret 02: Make use of hair accessories

Whether it is the recent popular hair band or baseball cap, what others call as fashion items, we call them the ‘hide oily hair’ accessories! Cover up well, so that nobody will notice it. Instead, they will think that you are going for a new look for the day! 


Secret 03: Volumized hair

For girls with bangs, you can choose to wash just the fringe or simply spray Hairstyle Fixing Powder at the fringe area to make it look puffier and thicker! By doing so, it visually reduces the sticky and ‘flat’ look. With the volumized look, nobody knows that you didn’t shower your hair! 

Recommend this to you: Hairstyle Fixing Powder

To use it, just spray a proper amount on the part that you want to have a fluffier look. Use your hands to puff the hair and that’s it! In order to achieve a long-lasting effect, this is best used with Hair Fixer. Under the hot weather in Singapore, fringe gets oily easily as we sweat...just spray this product before heading out...no more fringe like flat seaweed! 

Volumized hair makes a person look more energetic and attractive! ☆

*Guys can also use this product if you wish to have volumized hair! 

<Black Monster Hairstyle Fixing Powder>

Secret 04: Lazy to wash and blow dry hair? What about dry shampoos?

As per the name, this type of shampoo doesn’t require the use of water. Dry shampoo is usually added with ‘Surfactant’ or ‘Alcohol’, which helps to remove bacteria and get rid of odor. According to the product ingredients, it contains mint extract which helps to reduce stickiness on the hair due to excess sebum. Most people are worried that by using such products for a long period of time, it may clog the pores...but this method is to be used as a quick fix only! Just remember to wash your hair often, dry shampoo is recommended to be used only when you are in a rush or once in awhile. No worries!

Secret 05: Do not forget about the fragrance!

Ok, done with the visual, but what about the smell?! A scent either adds or deducts points! Of course, leave a better impression by delivering a nice scent from your hair and body :) Most guys love to  smell their girlfriends’ hair because it should smell dreamy :D

Girlfriend, “???”

Ok, don’t break the fantasies of guys! 

Be sure to smell great, girl! 🌺

Don’t leak out the oily hair smell! 🙊

Recommend this to you: Hair Perfume

With 3 attractive fragrances, those who have tried this product are super satisfied!! We do have many positive reviews for this! This product is specially formulated for hair without being too oily. It comes with a mesmerizing scent and gives your dry hair a natural shine~

French Pink

Neroli Yellow

Hawaiian Blue

Different fragrances for different moods and styles! 

Spray it before meeting the oppa of your dreams! ❤️

He will say, “YES” to you 🤭

<A Normal Hair Perfume>


I’ve shared with you 5 tips to cover up the secret of not washing your hair…

Note them down! Try them! 

Till then…...💋

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