Solid Perfumes You Can Bring Literally Everywhere ♡

Solid Perfumes You Can Bring Literally Everywhere ♡

Solid perfumes have a more sensual feel than the average spray, 
they're buttery soft, linger on your skin for hours, and practically
massage your points with scent.♡

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Travel-size sprays get all the love and attention where on-the-go fragrance is concerned, but we're here to say solid perfume are the best! 🌹

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Not only are sold perfumes pint-size and effortlessly compatible with
even tiny handbags, you can bring them in everywhere. 🌷

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Keep away your body odor on a summer day with solid perfume. 💦
Easy to use and carry ♥︎

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Compare with pricey spray perfume, solid perfume is more affordable for
everyone. For students, office worker, housewife, traveler etc.👒🍃

Fragrances in firm form are the new travel-ready, purse friendly
beauty accessory you nee in your life. 🎈

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Use it on your way to work or before a night out and refresh when needed.💖
Solid perfume save space for other beauty essentials in your
handbag or clutch. 👜💄

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Below, we're sharing 3 of the best-smelling solid perfumes. 
It's also a great present option for your loved one.🎁

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Ⅰ. Shy Wild Flower — green floral woody 

-Black tea base with elegant woody fragrance
-Neutral and fresh floral scent

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Ⅱ. So Quiet Cotton — fresh powdery musk

-Fresh citrus floral with warm white musk
-Showing light and warm feeling

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Ⅲ. Cool Bay Leaf — fresh herbal musk

-A little bitter and aromatic herbal aroma with a calm white musk scent
-Fresh herbs mixed with sweet and rich purple flowers

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Swirl the formula with your fingertip and apply to your pressure points -
behind your ears, inside your elbow or at your wrists.

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