Does perfume make you more attractive? How to choose perfume: 3 scents that surprisingly make you more attractive!

Does perfume make you more attractive? How to choose perfume: 3 scents that surprisingly make you more attractive!

Make yourself a beautiful date for your night out with your loved one ♡

Looks can really give you a head start and can really ease up the way. So, if you are preparing for your first date and don’t know how to present yourself, you've come to the right place.

Start by the natural 'no-makeup' makeup look...

And then give yourself a boost of confidence with a comfortable and cute outfit!

Oh, yea! Don't forget!  Your scent is your most important statement accessory. Choose a scent that reflects your style and leaves a lasting impression is important ♥

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Choosing a perfume is tough, but here are few tips to help you find a fragrance that you'll love for yea!

#Mistake 1: Avoid “grandma scents”!
I have never known a guy who preferred strong and rich smelling fragrance on a woman-ever!

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Let's be honest some luxury perfumes are actually way too strong!
Unless you are looking for a mature and glamorous scent for a special occasion, otherwise it will smell like a young girl spraying their grandma or mom's perfume.😥😥

#Mistake 2: The complex smell of perfume mixed with unpleasant odors!

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Don't even try to use perfume to cover up the unpleasant smell!
can you imaging the mixing of different scent together ( smokes, sweats, odor, food .etc) 🤢

It's always better to deal with clothes remove sweat and smoke odors from clothing before putting on perfume!

Tips ▼

Spray some water on the clothes first, then dry it with a dry towel to remove the smell of smoke~

What kind of scents do guys like on a girl? 

Statistics show that the most popular scent is the scent of citrus series. It's fresh and refreshing and also gives a younger and sunny feel.

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Besides, floral and tea fragrances are also on the list. The fragrance of flowers and tea will help relieve stress and anxiety, and make people unconsciously let go of their vigilance and hope to get closer to you~

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And don't forget the White Musk fragrance. White Musk is a comfortable and velvety female fragrance, dedicated to every woman and perfect for every moment and occasion.

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Like your daily cup of coffee, this ANORMAL new solid perfume is addictive.

Newly launched mini solid perfume ▼

NORMAL SOLID PERFUME with 3 different fragrances


Fresh citrus

Floral notes

Warm white musk

Citrus floral

The most classic citrus scents accompanied by a faint peony floral fragrance, giving a light and warm feeling.🍊


Fresh grass green garden

Calm woody fragrance

Black Tea Jasmine

By using black tea and a fresh jasmine scent, perfect for showing elegant temperament.


A bit bitter and fragrant

Herbal aroma

Plus calm white musk

White Musk Herb

A unique woody fragrance, with a slight bitter fragrance of the plant, it embraces you gently and you can do nothing but succumb to its charm.

Solid perfume lasts longer than a liquid perfume, the fragrance stays on the skin along with the body temperature and leave a soft fragrance on the skin.

And it’s small in size, can be placed in cosmetics pouches, pockets, etc.



Apply a little balm to your fingertips

Apply to the inner wrist and behind the ears

Lightly scented

For more information, click here▼

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