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Some people say that "this" is very similar to the classic woody fragrance of Aesop! Have you learned about solid perfume yet?

The charm of Aesop lies in-

These are all about charm, unique woody fragrance that will relax your mind, and have attracted many loyal customers who love these unique scents!

This makes it special and famous


Someone started to discover that this solid perfume having similar scents to the classic scents of Aesop!via:IG@j_an0808

I wonder if anyone else has the same feeling after using it?

ANORMAL mini solid perfume has 3 different fragrances-

White musk citrus floral ❙ Black tea jasmine ❙ White musk herbs



Each scent has its own unique charm, let's take a look!

• Cool Bay Leaf 


For people who love the smell of nature, this is a recommendation!
Embellished with a fresh herbal aroma and light white musk aroma, making it has a relaxing and refreshing feel♪

• Shy Wild Flower 


The black tea base and the gentle jasmine fragrance bring out the calm and charming woody aroma!

This is the scent that is said is similar to Aesop♡
Suitable for people who love the woody fragrance and looking for an affordable option♫

• So Quite Cotton 


Fresh citrus scent, and then a touch of peony~
I promise your boyfriend will love it too!♬

§ What are the benefits of using ANORMAL mini solid perfume...?


➤ Don’t like the strong and strong taste of liquid perfume? The scent of the solid perfume is more faint and mild.

➤ Direct contact with the skin, fusion with body temperature, increase the fragrance rate by 4%, and the fragrance better lasting!

➤ Worried that liquid perfume will leak out in your bag?
Solid perfume solves this problem!

➤ Convenient size can be placed in cosmetics pouches, pockets, etc


【How to use】

Apply a little balm to your fingertips.

Apply to the inner wrist and behind the ears.

And the outer packaging is exquisite and textured, and the price is affordable!

It is perfect for personal use or as gifts♥

Gift box (3 different fragrances in one box)






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