Reduce unpleasant odors ❙ Can be used for your bag, closet, leather shoes, drawer

Reduce unpleasant odors ❙ Can be used for your bag, closet, leather shoes, drawer

Some of our new leather products, clothes, shoes, especially bags, often have a kind of leather smell!

The strong and unpleasant "leather smell" you wish to get rid of?




If you spray perfume directly in your new leather bag, it may smell too much, or the perfume may accidentally damage the bag skin...





Scented Paper Sachet

Add a nice splash of variety to your life
by changing your closet scents

There are 8 small pieces in a pack! You can use it according to your needs.



3 unique fragrance options: 


Blue Lemonade In The Jean Pocket

A clean, soapy, charming white must scent, with a passing floral tonality


♡ Lime Basil & Mandarin

Umbrella In The Green Sky

The fresh green leaves and faint basil aroma, just like walking into the forest, bring a refreshing and relaxing feeling.


♡ Lavender

The calming lavender essential oil can soothe and relax the mood. Lavender can help you relax, sleep better, and feel more at peace, You can put it inside of your pillowcase. 




In addition to improving the peculiar smell of leather, it can be used to get rid of bad humid smells inside your drawer, your closet, and your car trunk, and your shoe...

Reduce odor 99.6%
Nearly reduce 99.6% of odor
Get the musty smell out of clothing

Natural dehumidifier
Remove moisture from shoes and clothes
Prevent bacteria growth and keep your shoes clean and fragrant

Long-lasting fragrance
Dip paper sachet into the fragrance oil
can last for a longer time

One pack contains 8 pieces, use it according to your fragrance intensity preference

No harmful chemical ingredients added

Please be rest assured💗



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