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Outdoor VS Indoor air, which one is more dangerous? With the current situation out there, if you are always staying at home, don’t forget that this must be done!

Due to the current situation, are you afraid of going to crowded places? It’s ok, you’re not alone! Just remember to take precautions; wash your hands often and put on a mask before heading out. 😷

Of course, you can be like me...hehe! Stay at home and chill! 

Call your friends over for a round of can be simple and fun ✌️▼ shopping...fill up the shopping cart!!! 💰

Or...stick to your boyfriend / girlfriend ❤️

It may be ‘dangerous’ out there, but do not neglect the indoor air quality!

What shall we do…?

I usually use A NORMAL HOMECARE SPRAY!!! 💨

Really easy to use!

Just spray it on areas at home that you don’t usually see or clean…

For example; Curtain ↓

For example; Furniture / Children’s Toys ↓

For example; Bedding / Pet’s Potty Area ↓

Basically, any place that you think needs to freshen up! 

Just spray it! 

By using it, what are the effects or results?

Completed tests and certified ➔ 99.9% Antibacterial & 99.6% Odor Elimination

What does A Normal Homecare Spray consist of? 

The main ingredient is ‘Oregano’, which is perfectly safe to us, as this is known to be used in making food spices!

In addition, it is added with Lavender and Rosemary :) 

This product does not contain any unknown or harmful ingredients! 

As compared to other deodorizing sprays, A Normal Homecare Spray comes with a unique air pressure spray (0.03mm fine spray), so that the solution is able to disperse evenly to a wide area without leakages! 

2 fragrances available

We do spend most of the time at home / indoors now...

It's even more important to ensure that our personal space is clean & fresh! At least put in some effort for our family and loved ones ❤️


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