Bringing a sense of ceremony to your daily life - Made in Korea ❙ A transparent and eye-catching NORMAL LAUNDRY LINE

Bringing a sense of ceremony to your daily life - Made in Korea ❙ A transparent and eye-catching NORMAL LAUNDRY LINE

Great things almost always start small - Most of us are brought up to associate ceremony with only big life events. But bringing a sense of ceremony to your everyday life can be a beautiful way to recognize and celebrate the little things too.

From interior design to decorations and to daily necessities, details are everything. Ceremonies are simply rituals to which we’ve attached a certain feeling of significance.

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Those who love to cook want the best kitchen utensils for their kitchen, they often searching for pretty or textured cookware and dinnerware...

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Those who value their sleep quality would like to pay attention to their bedroom environment. Like putting a diffuse fragrance or fragrance candle in the bedroom to create a relaxing atmosphere and adjust the light for a better sleeping environment...

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Well. . . Does anyone care about the smell of the laundry?

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Regular laundry products often come with a heavy chemical fragrance...

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Imagine with your eyes closed...what kind of smell are you expecting when you turn on the washing machine?

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It gets more and more people to start paying attention to their laundry detergents, especially when everything we use now mostly contains chemicals, we start looking for something pure and safe. 

How about a laundry detergent with a mild fragrance + pure ingredients that suitable for sensitive skin?✨ 

We highly recommend— Korean brand ANORMAL NORMAL LAUNDRY, a new laundry series that will make you look forward to doing your laundry every week!🙆👏🏻

Not only it has a transparent bottle, but the clean lining packaging design making everything better! Not too big nor too fancy, it just perfect in size!🧡


Paying attention to daily necessities~
Many daily necessities products are focusing on practicality and don't really care about the product appearance!

But if you can have both, why not?

Not only practical, but it's also safe and using pure ingredients, plus an eye-catching outlook, what are you waiting for?

The never matching size, colorful design, is really a ...🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤦🏻‍♀️

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The fabric softener perfume available in 3 refreshing fragrances to give your clothing that extra freshness!

White bubble scent ❙ Clean cotton scent ❙ Soft laundry scent 

Buy all three fragrances, and you get to choose the fragrance according to your preference!  ♡🧸

✔Fluffy Hedgehog - White Bubble Scent:
a refreshing baby fragrance, reminiscent of the fragrance of soap, sweet, warm, suitable for daily use!


✔Dancing with Grandma - Clean Cotton Scent:
a fresh cotton fragrance, the one fragrance that suitable for everyone!

✔Cotton Candy in the Coat - Laundry Scent :
a slightly richer option among the 3 scents, with charming woody and sandalwood scents, it's totally a must get fragrance!

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This will be something that you are going to use with all your daily clothes, bedding, undergarments, so make sure it is worthy and safe!💁🏻

In addition to the appearance and fragrance considerations, the ANORMAL laundry series pays great attention to the ingredients!

Using natural plant surfactants, no harmful substances, low irritation, harmless to the human body, can be used with peace of mind~

Adding EM enzyme has strong detergency, 99.6% decomposes pollutants ❙ 99.9% antibacterial ❙ 99.6% deodorization, no need to worry about laundry anymore✔

🛒🛒Hurry up and grab yours ➤


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