“I didn’t say I want to bring the BBQ smell out with me'' Learn these 3 easy tricks that Korean girls have been using!

“I didn’t say I want to bring the BBQ smell out with me'' Learn these 3 easy tricks that Korean girls have been using!

Must have had such an experience?

After eating barbecue and hot pot, when I went out of the restaurant, I felt like a ‘portable barbecue pit’. The smell of the food is like a shadow and I couldn't shake it off !!! All over my clothes and hair! 💥

If you don’t have any plans after dinner, it’s not bad...go home and take a bath!  But it’s not okay if you have other plans~ You may have to think twice about the menu...😭😭

Otherwise, just go to KTV and sing! BBQ food looks good...but the smell after that…...😨 

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Another problem is...what about those clothes that cannot be washed often…? Like jeans?

What should I do if the odor remains on it?

Is it necessary to avoid these places because of the unpleasant smell?

Of course not!! It’s too much~

Come, let me tell you 3 ways to eliminate unpleasant smell ⚡️

Water vapor and hair dryer

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Hang the clothes in the bathroom filled with steam for about an hour, and then blow with a hair dryer.

Steam can greatly help to eliminate the smell of clothes. If the clothes are hung in a ventilated place, only 28% of the odor will be eliminated after 12 hours. If steam is used, 92% will be eliminated immediately. In the above method, the water vapor will first cover the odorous substances, and then be blown away by the hot air of the hair dryer, and the odor will be eliminated! If you are in a hurry, you can also use a steam iron instead!

Homemade lemonade deodorant

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Lemon is said to come in handy in every place where deodorization is required, and of course clothing deodorization is no exception. Just prepare a spray bottle, fill it with 200ml of water, add about 5 drops of lemon juice, spray it on the whole piece of clothing, then put it in a ventilated place to let the odor evaporate.

But after finishing the above two methods, you may feel that it is not fast enough ~ If you want to eliminate the odor immediately, you can refer to the last method !!

Best emergency product: Fabric Perfume

Stop spraying perfume on clothes !!!

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Most people's clothes are stained with food, smoke, etc. Naturally, they will use perfume to cover the odor, but in fact it is just a strong aroma that prevents others from smelling. It just feels like the odor is gone when sprayed on, but it has not been removed, but is temporarily masked by a richer aroma !! After a period of time, the aroma weakens and fades, leaving behind a disgusting smell that is mixed with odor and fragrance > <” Also, it is said that if you spray perfume on clothes, there is a slight chance that the clothes will be stained! 

What is the difference between Fabric perfume and Regular perfume?

  • The fragrance concentration is low-only at about 2 ~ 3%. 
  • Non-toxic, no colorant added-no need to worry about allergies, there is no problem with clothes being stained.
  • Can be used anytime-suitable for carrying around, can be used to prevent odor from staying on clothes before meals and can add a fragrance after meals.
  • Can be used to eliminate odors in small spaces because the scent is not too strong and spraying on washed clothes and let them dry will ensure a fresh scent. 

As you know, Koreans love BBQ a lot! Fabric perfume has been popular for a long time. The competition among brands is quite fierce, so...How to choose among so many brands?

Recommendation : ANORMAL Normal Perfume

Sold over 500,000 bottles in Korea, a premium fragrance made by a professional perfumer. It does not only cover the odor with the fragrance alone. It has antibacterial and deodorizing effects. No ingredients that cause skin problems or allergies. You can use it with peace of mind.

3 fragrances to choose from ❤️

Pink White Musk - Combination of Lily, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Rose, Iris and various kinds of flowers.

Beige Laundry - Combination of Apple & Lime

Green Healing Garden - Combination of Lily and Rose plus a woody musky smell.

Compact bottle design, very convenient to carry around!! Don’t have to worry about unpleasant smell again ~

How to use : 

At a distance of 20-30cm, spray evenly on clothing, bedding, curtains and other fabric products 2 to 3 times !! Wait until the items are dry ~


One of the advantages of fabric perfume is that it can be used in a wide range. It not only makes you smell great, but also your surroundings ~ In addition, because the concentration is not very strong, spray it when needed! It is ok to spray it several times in a day.

Smokers may not smell themselves, but others do...😥

Finally ... the 4th fragrance for men - BLACK !!!

This one is suitable after smoking ✔️ After intense exercise ✔️ After eating food with strong smell ✔️ Spray it on!

The popular fragrance, Beige Laundry, concentration has been increased by 33.3%. Stronger scent, longer-lasting effect!

Of course ~ girlfriends don’t have any problems!! The weather is so hot recently, sweating is inevitable. Learn quickly 📝


🔻A Normal Perfume 🔻



As mentioned earlier, other than your clothes, the hair will smell bad too! I recommend you to pair this up with the Normal Perfume...let me give you a brief introduction to the Hair Perfume!!!

3 fragrances for you to choose from -

French Pink - Rose fragrance 

Neroli Yellow - Citrus fragrance

Hawaii Blue - Bubble bath fragrance 

Simply spray it before going out to moisturize your hair and add a light refreshing fragrance to smell great! 


🔻 A Normal Hair Perfume 🔻

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