How to deal with Vaginitis? | Feminine Y Perfume | A Normal Singapore

How to deal with Vaginitis? | Feminine Y Perfume | A Normal Singapore

Is this data true…? 😱 That’s really shocking! 😭😭

Bacteria starts to grow if we don’t take proper care of the intimate area. Wearing tight clothes around the area will also lead to bacteria growth. Pay special attention to the use of sanitary products during the menstrual period! 🙅🏻

Vaginitis causes odor in the intimate area and the discharge will be yellow or green in color. 

⚠️ Attention ⚠️ Don't wear tight pants too often!

It’s great to look good but it is bad for your ‘little sister’ suffering in a sweltering environment for a long time. ☹️

Drink more water and take Probiotics products as the ‘good bacteria’ helps eliminate extra ‘bad bacteria’ to return a balance in your body. 😇 Remember not to hold back your pee! 

Excessive wash will destroy the pH balance of the vagina! 🚿

It can help you reduce the problem of odor, which is safer and more feasible than spraying normal perfume directly on your private area. 

Unlike ordinary perfumes that add alcohol and other chemicals, this feminine care spray is made using Korean medicinal plants and German Demeter-grade raw materials (that grow naturally without any chemicals) and natural derived ingredients.

Plus, the fragrances are made of essential oils 😍 3 scents : Wild Bouquet / Cream Flower / Sunset Orange!!!

It’s really easy to smell great in a safe way! 

Spray during your period or after going to public places (such as swimming pools) 💓 Freshen up and feel ‘cleaner’ with this handy spray! 




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