Girls always have those days...and boys...don’t panic if you see these signs!

Girls always have those days...and boys...don’t panic if you see these signs!

Attention attention!! Need boys’ attention 📣📣📣

When the female friend (or girlfriend) have any of the following ‘symptoms’..

1. Get irritated easily and mood swing 👿


2. Feel like lying down because of back pain 🤦🏻

 3. Usually drink iced beverages ❄️ But suddenly buy hot beverages instead... 🔥

4. Craving for sweets 🍭🍫🍰🍪🍩

5. Checking on her pants or skirt from time to time, she feel uneasy when someone is walking behind her😔


6. No appetite 🤢

It is likely that she is going through ‘those days’ that she must endure every month 😭😭😭 At this time, don’t feel helpless or step on mines 💣️ You can do this..!! 🕵🏻


1. Bring her a cup of hot water or beverage

Brown sugar milk or longan red date tea are far better choices than hot cocoa! ☕️

It seems that hot red bean soup is also loved by many girls😍

You can also check what she usually likes to drink~

2. Buy a warm pack and put it on her belly♨️

Hot compresses can promote blood circulation, improve detoxification of the liver, and also relieve menstrual pain~

It is best to target the following two parts!

One is around the belly button ▼

There are many acupuncture points around the navel, mainly for the digestive system.

The other is corresponding to the back and waist around the belly button ▼

Keeping this area warm can improve the blood circulation and relieve any physical pain~ Remember to be gentle, to prevent yourself from getting punched by her! 🤛🏻

Or blow her belly with a hair dryer (not everyone likes this, but you can try :D)

3. To soothe her emotions 👋🏻 It's best to make her happy😁

During this period, girls may become furious 🔥 or even have self-doubts. 🌀

They cannot actually control it. 😥 At this time, if you show concern, empathy, or pass on some funny videos in a timely manner, that can be useful too! 

Don’t be serious with girls during this period, be more tolerant and caring, so that she will feel better. 💕

4. Prepare a bucket of hot water (45-50 degrees) for her feet👣

Feet soaking can help blood circulation and warm the whole body, not only eliminate fatigue but also relieve menstrual pain. In addition, girls who have poor sleep quality during the menstrual period can also improve sleep with this method~ 

After soaking the feet, you can also massage the feet gently, which help to keep her warm and relieve menstrual pain.

5. Have fruits instead of chocolate and sweets

In fact, sweets such as chocolates can relieve menstrual pain. The increase in sugar and caffeine intake may cause nervousness and may also cause obesity and other health problems. 

During menstrual period, it is best to eat some fruits that help in blood circulation such as lychee, cherry, grape, blueberry, strawberry, etc., apples and tomatoes are also great choices to relieve menstrual pain.📝

Photo source : Pixabay@Pexels

*Special reminder: Don't eat watermelon, banana or persimmon during menstrual period*

6. Help her think of ways to prevent unpleasant odor ‘down there’

When some girls have their menstruation, they are afraid that others will avoid them due to the unpleasant smell and think that they don’t have proper hygiene. If only girls are able to discover this product earlier...! ❤️❤️❤️

It effectively removes the unpleasant smell! Made of only safe and natural ingredients. There are three fragrances for her to choose from; which are prepared by combining different essential oils~

The 3 scents are :

Wild Bouquet (Pink) - Floral fragrance of Ylang Ylang and Damascus Rose

Sunset Orange (Orange) - The golden sky of dust, with a hint of orange scent

Cream Flower (Blue-Grey) - Soothing rose water and fresh orange flowers

Of course, this not only can be used during menstrual period, but it is also perfectly fine to use it on a daily basis, especially after going to swimming pools, hot springs, etc. It is important to keep the sensitive area pleasant!

Hurry, get them for her! 

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