Including intimate care in your daily routine - Anormal Feminine Y Perfume

Including intimate care in your daily routine - Anormal Feminine Y Perfume

As part of your daily hygiene routine, smells is also an important part.

Hot weather, high temperature, and excessive sweating is one of the main causes of an unpleasant body odor. But, there is nothing wrong with the natural odor of the vagina and you aren’t obligated to try to cover up your natural scent. However, if you want to control your odor, you can consider using a feminine spray. Just make sure to choose a safe option!

Armpits aren’t the only area of a women’s body that sweats.We do sweat in different parts other than just the armpits.

Here is where you should not get just any deodorant, but a suitable feminine hygiene spray.

The spray must be made with natural ingredients to avoid itching and other infections since you will be using it around your sensitive part.

That said, here is a look at Korea made feminine hygiene sprays you should consider buying!

▶ Getting the right feminine spray

From time to time you might find you get a little sweaty down there. 

a quick wash or shower will keep you feeling comfortable, but if showering or washing is not an option for you sometimes, a suitable size feminine hygiene sprays might help!

ANORMAL Feminine Y Perfume is a really useful addition to your bag💕

They give you a quick freshen up, and by using all pure and safe ingredients, they won’t upset your Y-zone good bacteria 🌼

It is an essential part of our daily care routine, and that includes your intimate care, too.

Made of Korean medicinal plants and German Demeter-grade raw materials and naturally derived ingredients,you can use it without worrying about skin itchiness or reactions.

Also, it helps to reduce the problem of unpleasant odor, which is safer and more feasible than spraying normal perfume or regular deodorant directly on your private area! *fresh and comfortable*😺

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