#Child-Safe Laundry Detergent that is highly recommended by many loyal customers!

#Child-Safe Laundry Detergent that is highly recommended by many loyal customers!

Do You Need Child-Safe Laundry Detergent?

While many parents opt to simply use whatever detergent their family uses, it can be worth considering a special child detergent if you are worried about rashes, itchiness, or other concerns on your child’s skin.

Children have more sensitive skin, especially since their skin and immune system are not fully mature yet. Their skin can react to various chemicals present in detergents. Therefore, it's better to carefully choose the laundry detergents that contain non-harmful ingredients, safe and pure!

Is laundry detergent that emphasizes strong white-washing powder good for the skin?

Today, we highly recommend a better choice of laundry detergent for you!

|ANORMAL Normal Laundry Detergent

For an effective yet safe way of doing laundry;


Complete the laundry routine without harmful chemicals!

📍Pure and effective cleansing strength with EM Enzyme :

EM is a combination of bacteria that are beneficial to the human body. It's a mixture of more than 80 types of bacteria.

📍Contains a total of five enzymes:


💛 Designed with a capacity of 1100 ml 💛

-99.6% Odor Elimination
-Dissolve 99.9% Contaminants
-99.9% Antibacterial
-No Harmful Chemicals Added

A measuring cup is included. You can pour a maximum of up to 2 cups according to the amount of laundry.

Assuming you laundry about 5kg each time, you use about 15ml of the laundry detergent each time of your laundry, and you can use it about 65 times a total~ 👏 Safe, effective, and also cost-effective! 👏


|ANORMAL Laundry Softener & Laundry Perfume

In addition to laundry detergent, it's recommended to use the laundry softeners together.

Most of the laundry softeners have a fragrance. if you looking for softeners without fragrance, well this is the one!

ANORMAL laundry series separates the laundry softener and the laundry perfume.

You are able to adjust according to your needs. * For example, when washing children’s clothes, you don’t need to add the laundry perfume, but only the fragrance-free laundry softener.
And for adults' clothes which you like it with a soft fragrance touches, you can always add the laundry perfume according to the amount you like or the amount of the laundry!💕

📍 Normal Laundry Perfume

Available in 3 refreshing fragrances to give your clothing that extra freshness!

✔Fluffy Hedgehog - White bubble scent

✔Dancing with Grandma - Clean cotton scent

✔Cotton Candy in the Coat - Laundry scent

For an effective yet safe way of doing laundry!

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