Be careful not to give your girlfriend a bad Christmas Gift! Boyfriends, pick a thoughtful gift now! 💗

Be careful not to give your girlfriend a bad Christmas Gift! Boyfriends, pick a thoughtful gift now! 💗

Ding Dong Ding ~ It's December again ~

Christmas is coming! 🎄 Have you guys think of what gifts to give to your girlfriend?

Although it’s fun to exchange gifts, but the process of selecting gifts really makes people feel that "life is difficult"...😰

Don’t worry anymore, guys! Today, we will name down gifts that girls hate to receive, as well as a few practical, special, yet romantic gifts.💗

Top 3 Christmas gifts that girls hate the most. If your gift is included in it, listen to our advice ... it’s still early to get the correct gift now...🙈

No.1 Cosmetics

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Please ~ stop buying cosmetics for ladies 😭

Most guys don’t know how to pick the right shade. We’ve heard from many girls that they have received lipsticks or blushers from their boyfriends. Yeah...guys may think that girls like bright dreamy colors, just like the one on a Barbie Doll❓

"What's the difference between this red and that red", or if you can't answer the girl's question, "Which one nicer?" I think...just don’t buy this kind of products...Choose another gift ...🤣

No.2 Flowers

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Seems romantic but with an empty feeling ...

Many people may think that sending flowers is romantic. 🌸They learn from movies or TV shows to surprise their girlfriends on special days, but many girls have said that they don't like receiving flowers …

Flowers are beautiful but have to take care of it. After a few days, the flowers die. It is really an empty and impractical gift. 😦

No.3 Ordinary daily items

Gifts that are not practical are not good, but things that are too practical are also not OK!

Common items like  mugs, photo frames, or some daily necessities are usually given as gifts. I know...yeah...they are practical for everyday use and will not be as ‘useless’ as flowers, but it is too ordinary... which makes the receiver feel that you lack of romance and sincerity. 💬

The above are the Top 3 gift ideas that girls are afraid to receive. Boys, please be careful. Don’t make the same mistake again this Christmas. 😎

If you still have trouble deciding what to buy, we recommend a list of products here to make this year’s Christmas a special one. 🎄 Come~ Check it out! ⚡


ANormal Paper Sachet

ANormal Paper Sachet is a ‘solid perfume’. Adding perfume to paper is more convenient and longer-lasting than ordinary liquid perfume.

It’s as beautiful as a Christmas card. Whoever receives this, will feel very happy and touched. 😍

There are 8 small pieces in one piece of paper sachet, which are breakable and can be placed in bags, clothes pockets, shoe cabinets, bedding, etc. In addition, they can also help to remove unpleasant odor. There are three different fragrances in total- 

  • Ylang Ylang Champagne - Infused with the fragrance of Pheromone Oil.
  • Citrus Shower - Remove musty smell with a blend of fresh leafy greens.
  • Midnight Garden - Infused with Lavender Oil, for antioxidant and calming effects.


ANormal Hair Perfume

In the afternoon, or when you eat hot pot or barbecue, the odor on the hair and scalp is really…...SMELLY! 💢This bottle of hairspray will do everything for girls!

Unlike ordinary perfumes, which blends in with unpleasant odor, the hair spray removes the odor before replacing it with a fresh scent. It helps to take care of your hair at the same time! ✔

Not only your girlfriend will find it useful...this product gives you a girlfriend who smells great all the time...Isn’t it cost-effective and worth it?! 😎

⚡There are three different ways to use this hair perfume⚡

  • 01 Shake before use  - For dry and split ends
  • 02 Not shaking the product before use - To get rid of smelly hair
  • 03 Spray it on your wrist - Act just like a normal perfume

    3 different types of scent to choose from💗
  • French Pink — Light floral scent
  • Neroli Yellow— Refreshing citrus scent
  • Hawaiian Blue— Refreshing shower scent


ANormal Perfume’s really annoying to eat food with a strong smell that lingers on the clothes or after working out and sweating. 😰You can't take a shower immediately when you are outside. If you cover the smell with perfume, it may smell strange when mixed with the body odor. 

ANormal Perfume is great at  eliminating odors 🍀The ingredients such as cypress tree and grapefruit extract are also antibacterial to protect the fiber of clothes.

When you are out for a barbecue or hot pot, it tends to leave a heavy smoke smell on clothes and coat. ✨ Other than clothes, it can also be sprayed on bedding, curtains and other places where you think is required! There are a total of 4 fragrances - 

  • Pink White Musk - Combination of Lily, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Rose, Iris and various kinds of flowers
  • Beige Laundry Combination of apple & lime
  • Green Healing Garden - Combination blend of Lily and rose together a woody musk smell. 
  • Black Blank- Fresh Laundry scent


ANormal Diffuser (Basic/Premium)

Color and freshen up her personal space with these bottles of diffuser!

Add a delicate fragrance to the room to lift up the mood 💗

These Christmas gifts are guaranteed to be romantic, practical without mistakes ~

🎄Men who have yet to decide on a gift

🎄Men who want to confess to her this Christmas

🎄Or...Women who just want to reward themselves


Hurry up and go to A Normal Official Webstore (SG) - 




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