Are You Troubled By Odor And Discomfort On Your Private And Sensitive Area? We Have A Solution For You!

Are You Troubled By Odor And Discomfort On Your Private And Sensitive Area? We Have A Solution For You!

Have you ever faced this kind of problem?

Ever feel like you can sleep for days when your period is around the corner? Between the moodiness, cramps and breakouts ,the last thing a woman wants is to face unpleasant odor during period time. 

Cannot drink cold beverages, but also have to pay special attention to what color of pants to wear during period time. Always worried about wearing light-colored pants because of accidental stains.😢 

It’s hard to concentrate on daily tasks when we are on our period because of the ‘weird’ smell

"Did someone smell it?" "Why does she smell like that?"😓

The psychological pressure worsen our mood...😭

Afraid of discussing this issue with others, can only search for information online. In fact, there are quite a few feminine products available in the market ( but because it is a sensitive part, there are many doubts in mind...)

How do we choose?

This A NORMAL Feminine Y Perfume looks pretty good!

99.6% Odor Elimination (get rid of Ammonia which is the root cause of nasty smell)! 

A NORMAL FEMININE Y PERFUME uses Korea medicinal plants and demeter graded natural ingredients from Germany.*Demeter - A source that grows naturally without any chemicals substances*

Safe ingredients and essential oils. No artificial flavors are added. The product page has all the ingredients listed down!

It's really easy to use

Can be sprayed directly on the private area or your underwear 💕

We care not only about the ingredients, but also the packaging of the product.

⚠️*Did you know that plastic containers contain a substance that will make our body mistaken for female hormones!*

Therefore, we have specially selected glass containers that are used by pharmaceutical companies to prevent harmful substances from entering our bodies💕


The size is also suitable to be placed in most cosmetic bags or sanitary pad pouches, which is very convenient!

You can use it as a air freshener when you use a filthy public toilet~

Suitable for daily use, anytime and anywhere! Be confident and odor-free!

There’s nothing wrong or embarrassing to pick such products, we should always be in tip-top condition! 💕

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