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Are mosquitoes always chasing after you? Repel them with this product all the way from Korea!

It is hot and humid everyday, in Singapore! ☀️ Noticed those mosquitoes swarming around? Gotten bites and bumps that irritate you? Girls...troubled by those bite marks when you wish to wear shorts or skirts…? 😩
I’m not afraid of mozzies! Really? 
Mosquitoes carry terrible infectious diseases,
aren’t you afraid of that?
According to the Centre for Health Protection in Hong Kong, there were 163 cases of Dengue Fever last year, in 2018. Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand and Singapore have the most number of cases, with 2,834 cases in Thailand and 1,015 cases in Singapore.
Besides Dengue Fever, mosquitoes carry diseases such as the Zika Virus, Malaria Yellow Fever or Canine Heartworm. Are you still not going to use insect repellents when you head out?
‘This’ is the product you will need!
To prevent mosquitoes from coming near you, let me tell you definitely have to use A Normal Anti-Mosquito Spray! How is it different from other insect repellents in the market?
It is a Natural Product that is also suitable for Pregnant Women or Babies (age 6 months and above). The main ingredient is ‘Picaridin‘ that blocks the smell of the human body, so that the mosquitoes cannot find us! ✌️ 
Different from other insect repellent products, A Normal Anti-Mosquito Spray lasts up to 8 hours without irritations! 
 Take a look at the various experiments that we have conducted! 
What is the other reason you should purchase this?
You think that all insect repellents are smelly? 
A Normal Anti-Mosquito Spray comes in 2 selections (ZERO or FULL). Pick one according to your own preference! 
ZERO ▶ Fragrance-Free; Suitable for people who are sensitive to fragrances and also safe to use on children. 
FULL ▶ Lavender-Scented; Natural extracts with soothing properties, suitable for all skin-types 
This product is really easy to use!
Take a look at some of the reviews from our valued customers!

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