【ANORMAL X CILY】Special Promotion| Learn Taeri's favorite "Orange Tone Make Up'' with us!

【ANORMAL X CILY】Special Promotion| Learn Taeri's favorite "Orange Tone Make Up'' with us!

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Korean Goddess, Kang Taeri's own cosmetics brand, #CILY
One of “The Most Favorite Face Top.10" as voted by Korean girls, the popular model Taeri (강태리) with up to 1.6 million followers on her Instagram! Her signature short hair and sweet smile not only increased her followers but also gained fans from Japan and Taiwan! ❤️

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(Image:IG @taeri__taeri)

Learn how to draw makeup set step by step with Kang Taeri! Orange glam makeup tutorial💗

(Image:IG @taeri__taeri)

Different from glamorous red lips, orange makeup is more wearable and it looks good on all skin tones.

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Let's check out the easy tips from Taeri to get the gorgeous orange “sunset eye” look that’s banging on-trend, without looking puffy-eyed!

Step1. Use CILY shimmer effect eye shadow #BERGAMOT as the base color for the full eye, apply it in a circular motion. Apply it towards the inner corner of the lid.

(Image: Youtube 태리태리) 

Step2. Next, use CILY EYES ON ME #SANDAL WOOD and blend it with #BERGAMOT. Should be applied towards the outer end of the lids.

(Image: Youtube 태리태리) 

Apply on 1/3 of the upper eye and 1/3 of the lower end of the eye, for a better shadow effect.

Tips! This will add depth to your eyeshadow, apply a deep brown shadow on the outer corners of your eyes, and smudge lightly.

Step3Blend well. Apply the eyeliner only on the front and back of the eye for creating a bigger eye effect. After eyeliner,  use #SANDAL WOOD to slightly blend between the eyeliner and the eye shadow to make the eye-makeup look more natural.

(Image: Youtube 태리태리) 

Step4Then comes, use CILY EVERLASTING MASCARA creates clean and long eyelashes

(Image: Youtube 태리태리) 

First, use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes, and then apply CILY EVERLASTING MASCARA #Jelly Black to increase the length of the eyelashes, * with special brush head, it helps prevent clumping problems!

For the sparse and shorter lower eyelashes, you can first apply it with angle vertically, and then horizontally to create distinct eyelashes! Black mascara creates a profound and energetic feeling!


After Taeri brushes the mascara, she heats the middle of the wooden cotton buds lightly, and use the residual heat to gently brush along the direction of the eyelashes to make the curl of the brushed eyelashes longer and also more long-lasting!

Step5. Apply CILY BLOSSOM BLUSH #MARIGOLD on the cheek.

(Image via Youtube 태리태리) 

Start from the center of the cheeks and then bring it to the cheekbones, CILY BLOSSOM BLUSH #MARIGOLD with natural orangish color will brighten the skin and make the whole orange glam makeup to a balance!

Step6Last, use CILY SILKY LIP #ORIENTAL ORANGE to finish the lip makeup!

(Image via: Youtube 태리태리)  

and you are ready to rock any party!

(Image via: Youtube 태리태리) 

Always remember!

No matter your skin color, if you want long-lasting makeup that stays intact from morning to night, looks radiant throughout the day, and won’t give you any flashback in photos, using setting powders to finish your look is your best bet!

 [TAERI Full Version Makeup Video↓]







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