[About 75% of Women in the world have had at least Vaginitis once in their lifetime…] Do you know?

[About 75% of Women in the world have had at least Vaginitis once in their lifetime…] Do you know?

This percentage is pretty shocking, isn’t it? If you haven’t experienced this before, you will not know the discomfort on the body. Girls, this is important as it contains information that help us understand more about our bodies. It is good to know more information about Vaginitis and we will be sharing them in this article. 🤗
What is Vaginitis?
There are 3 common types; which are mainly divided into Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast  infection or Trichomoniasis. Among them, Bacterial Vaginosis is most common. The cause is due to the imbalance of the naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina. As for Yeast Infection,  it is due to excessive growth of Candida. Last but not least, Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease, not only Women, Men may also suffer from this infection. 


Cause of Vaginitis


Consuming a large amount of antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs may cause infections because they kill off beneficial bacteria. Apart from that, overloaded with work or stress may weaken your immune system. If your underwear isn’t clean or if you wear the same piece of sanitary pad for a long time, the chance of infection is high. In addition, Women tend to use medicated wash to keep their vagina area clean. However, aggressive cleaning may lead to damage on the acidic vaginal environment.  Of course, sexual intercourse is also one of the major causes.



What are the symptoms of Vaginitis?


Some common symptoms include an increase in vaginal discharge and there may be ‘fishy smell’. The vagina area may also be itchy and sometimes, you may feel a burning sensation. The chance of infecting sexually transmitted diseases also doubled and for Pregnant Women, there may be chances of premature labor. Among these, Bacterial Vaginosis is known to be an ‘Invisible Killer’ that causes premature birth or even miscarriage. It has an adverse effect on the uterus membrane and is unable to provide a healthy and normal development environment for the fetus.


What are some of the treatments or ways to prevent this? 


First, it is extremely important to keep your vagina dry and clean! Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing or tight underwear that traps heat. Remember to change your sanitary pads often.  In addition, maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating food of healthier choices to keep your immune system strong. Oh, after you finish your ‘business’ in the washroom, do wipe from ‘front to back’ to avoid bringing those bacteria from your anus towards your vagina! Lastly, do not use medicated wash to clean your vagina too often to avoid rinsing away beneficial bacteria  😖



Is your underwear clean enough?


The underwear is in direct contact with the most sensitive part of the body. It needs proper care than any other clothing! Most people tend to ignore this because they are unsure of what to do.

But...are you sure it’s really clean?

Here, we have this little ‘helper’ for you -

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